AIE Seattle

Shakti Unleashed is a fast-paced endless running shooter where you play a deity escaping a city in the clouds.
Explore and destroy an entire environment as you flood it with water and brutally slaughter its inhabitants!
A first-person puzzle game where you play as a pyromancer and use fire to prove your worth!
Help your human cook his lunch.
Brexit is a 3D fighter all about throwing teacups and having a good time with a friend!
Dodge buildings and shoot down enemies in this endless flyer!

AIE Open House Showcase

Take a look at this curated selection of projects from game jams and school productions from prior years! Here's some quick terminology: What's an AIE Production Project? At the end of every school year for our Game Art and Animation, Game...

Major Production - Class of '19

Minor Production - Class of '20

Major Production - Class of '18

These projects were created by our students while they were attending our school.