AIE Seattle

An Arcade First-Person Rail Shooter
Rogue Bot is a 3rd person sci fi projectile combat game.
Bullets, bullets and even more bullets in this Neo-Egyptian nightscape.
​You are a wizard, and you are dead.
the hero Yinset deserves.
Shakti Unleashed is a fast-paced endless running shooter where you play a deity escaping a city in the clouds.
Explore and destroy an entire environment as you flood it with water and brutally slaughter its inhabitants!
A first-person puzzle game where you play as a pyromancer and use fire to prove your worth!

Minor Production - Class of '20

Major Production - Class of '19

Major Production - Class of '18

These projects were created by our students while they were attending our school.

Student Releases

These projects are maintained as commercial or side-projects after the student has finished their time at AIE Seattle.