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by Team Walrus



***Featured at Seattle Indies Expo 2021***

***Featured at DreamHack Beyond 2021***

DISCARDED is a 3D deck-building game about toys who rip parts off of other toys for themselves. Set in an abandoned home long after humans have perished, you’ll fight off numerous foes, each more monstrous and lonely than the last.

This world is a harsh one, but only you have the power to fight to the top and confront the ruler of this land: The Manic Qing!

♢ Fight toys and exchange their parts for your own ♢

♢ Acquire unique packs of cards ♢

♢ Evolve your deck by experimenting with different synergies ♢

♢ Augment parts by placing Stickers on them ♢

♢ Ascend an abandoned home ruled by mutilated toys ♢


Design & Production
Tyler Baldwin || Systems Designer, VFX/SFX Lead, Product Owner
Boaz Havron || Systems Designer, Card Design Lead, QA Lead
Jake Shillan || Producer, Narrative Designer, Cinematic Camera Artist

Devon Gregory || AI Lead, Deck Design & SFX Implementation
Edward Nichols || Gameplay Programmer
Jay Pickett-Garcia || UI & Tools Designer, Programming Producer

Character Art & Animation
Cory Collins || Character Sculpting, Modeler, Texture Artist
Juan Reyes-Cisneros || Environment, Prop, UI, and Texture Artist
Cody Stamm || Environment Artist & Music Composer
Melanie Templin || Character Animator, Rigger, Tone Lead
Mariah Young || Lead UI Artist


DISCARDED_v1.0.zip 436 MB


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Thanks! We think it turned out pretty strong. Stay tuned, there's a chance we'll be improving it soon!