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The story...

You are Jordan Clemont, the pilot of the Elysium - a space warship that has just fused with an enemy vessel upon impact and trapped itself in a time loop.  In order to reverse the effects of the crash and break out of the loop, you must fight your way through rooms of violently fused combatants until you find the warp core and trigger a quantum reset.


Directional movement - WASD keys 
Jump - space bar
Shoot - left click
Switch gun type - right click
Recharge - R


Game Design

Josie Dresel  
Product Owner,  UI Designer,  Audio Designer,  Writer

Xavier Toney 
Scrum Master, Combat Designer, Game Balancer

Mariel Gale 
Level Designer, Lighting Artist


Walker Johnson  
Art Lead, Animator, Character Artist

Adam Edmonds   
Human Environment Artist, Graphic Designer, Narrative Setting

Thomas Ives  
Alien Environment Artist


Joseph Huskey   
Systems Designer, AI Programmer, UI Programmer, Input Programmer, Gameplay Programmer


Room of Wires
(Attribution NC ND 3.0 International License)

Serge Pavkin Music
Time To Run Away
Don't Stop!
Unknown Universe
(Attribution NC ND 2.0 Generic License)


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Quantum Reset 1 GB
Version 9 Jul 15, 2022

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