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Command, lead, and vanquish your opponent to the very last one!

Auxilia is a 3rd person arena strategy game where opposing players lead a squad of units to destroy their opponent's base. Set in the underground of a Sci-fi society, two warring factions of machines fight to take control of an abandoned human environment. Controlled by their all-seeing AI's, the two sides seek to command an army of machines to lay siege to the other opponent. Only one AI can thrive in the underground, but who will it be is decided by the players who command them!

In the game, two players each command an army of robots tasked with destroying the other team’s control tower. Via 3rd person, the player physically leads their machines through using formations that possess both strengths and weaknesses. Each formation is effective against another but can also be countered, leading to a careful game of strategy. Vigilance is key, for the opponent will also be trying to counter you so plan carefully and act accordingly. Victory will be achieved when the opponent's AI lies destroyed, so only your machines rule the underground! 

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Made by AIE Graduating Class of 2020!


AIE is a non-profit educator established in 1996 to grow and support the game industry. Our unique curriculum is offered in the United States and Australia, and provides you with the training needed to join our other graduates as entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in the video game and film industries. We were one of the first colleges in the world to offer specialized training for 3D animation and video game development.

A collaborative effort made from across the classes, students work together to create a video-game as their final in the second year. The games originality, design, art, and systems are all created by the students who are grouped together from across the classes. After conception, the game is pitched to the school faculty as a production piece. From there they proceed into the industry pipeline consisting of pre-production, development, testing, and finally release. 

Credit to Royalty Free Zone for their sweet music!


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In order to play the game efficiently, its encouraged players download parsec to play with other players not physically present.


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The game looks interesting, but the pause menu appears to be broken, and there's no sound. There's also no sense of direction, I have no idea what to do. No damage seemed to be dealt from or to either side.