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Brief Narrative:

You are part of Zephyr Unit 08, you have been tasked with your team to take back the abandoned planet of Mars. While there you discover mechanical monstrosity trying to stop you. Are you able to help reclaim Mars?

Brief Description of gameplay:

Hack n' slash through mechs while finding mysterious relics and uncover the past of mars.

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Ground Controls:

WASD- Movement

Shift- Flight mode

Space- Dash

LMB- Attack

Flight Controls:

WASD- Movement

Shift- Ground mode

Space- Thrusters

LMB- Attack

RMB- Ground Pound


Cooper Brann- Product Owner, Scrum Master, Lead Design, UI/UX Design

Walker McGraw- Design, QA Lead

Vonn Safford- Lead systems design, Content design, Audio Master, Music

Cameron Soto- Character Design, Technical Artist, Animator 

Christopher Deloucas- Animator, Character modeler, Music

Rowan Nord- Art Lead, Environment Artist, Texture Artist

Trey Gleason- Programmer 

Sefu Jeffries- Music

Adobe Mixamo- Some Animations

SoundSnap-  SFX


Zephyr Unit Mecha Mayhem.zip 518 MB

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