A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You must traverse your way through a perilous cavern and obtain your magical staff to prove yourself worthy of becoming a full-fledged wizard! 

Nefarious creatures will guard the path between you and the staff; utilize healing fruits, health potions, and your elemental spells to dispatch these foes. But be careful! Without a staff to channel your magic through, your own spells will also harm you.   

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◈ Thanks for playing! ◈

Cat Levine ◆ Producer/Audio Designer
Boaz Havron ◇ Systems Designer/Level Designer
Wyntre Clement ◆ Level/Narrative Designer

Seth Rivera ◇ SFX/Technical Artist
Lucas Burdick ◆ Prop Artist/Animator
Milo Moore ◇ 2D/Character Artist
Omar Velazquez ◆ Environmental Artist
Melanie Templin ◇ 2D/UI Artist/Animator

Devon Gregory ◆ Enemy AI/Audio Implementation
Julia Pickett ◇ Player Controller/Random Generation

Prototype Presentation
Alpha Presentation
Beta Presentation
Final Presentation


Wiz-Kid Release I PC Build 394 MB
Wiz-Kid Release I Mac Build 396 MB
Beta I.zip 282 MB
Alpha I 44 MB
Prototype I 21 MB
Concept Art Powerpoint 36 MB

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