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"Play this first-person platformer as Ten, an agent of darkness. Chase down Lume, an agent of light, for burning down your home. Enter Lume's light temple, use her minions of light to navigate, and take her down.”

Team Dapper Dog!

This is a school project for AIE 2023 Major Production.

Ryder Mattson - Lead Environment and Texture Artist

Adeline Nicholson  - Environment and Prop Artist

Conner Nolan - Model and Animation Artist

Justin Ward-Kizanis - UI and Lighting Artist

Danny Hipolito - Character and Weapon Artist

Rheanna Benson - Environmental and Model Artist

Josiah Hummel - Animation, Rigging and Tech Artist

Jeff Simon - AI and Gameplay Programmer

Justin Scruggs - UI, Tool and Gameplay Programmer

Ryan Ditzler - Lead Level Designer

Amorena Nobile - System and Technical Designer, Trailer Editor

Jasper Conley - Sound Designer and Project Manager

 Michael Lewis - Game Music 

Keyboard Controls

Xbox Controls

Xbox Controls


Finalest Release.zip 284 MB

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