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Team Rabbit is excited to show you the most polished version of the world to date.  The best demo of the game yet will consist of a more polished tutorial, more character interactions, and a gameplay cutoff that will leave you wanting more!  See what other changes you can find!

Heights is a game that follows a young adult attempting to gain control over a skyfishing balloon and their life following the mysterious death of their grandfather. It is a narrative-focused adventure game with a casual survival sub-theme. 

In this game, you will upgrade your ship by catching fish and solving puzzles to craft new ship parts.  Follow in the footsteps of your grandfather as you explore the skyscape in search of a way back home!

Team Rabbit

Jacob Nowak - Lead Design and Production   LinkedIn  Portfolio

Wyntre Clement - Narrative and Audio Designer   LinkedIn  Portfolio

Johnathan Blaikie - Lead Programmer   LinkedIn

Tyler Peterson - General Mechanics and Systems Programmer  LinkedIn

Everest Marshall - Art Director  LinkedIn  ArtStation

Erin Schneider - Co-Art Director and Environment Artist  LinkedIn  ArtStation

Lucia Fonseca - Illustrator and Character Animator  LinkedIn  ArtStation

Alexius Rodriguez - Concept Artist and Character Designer  ArtStation

Keira Wentworth - Environment Artist  LinkedIn  ArtStation

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for playing! Feedback form below:



Heights-V2.zip 698 MB

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