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Enter the Fastest Produce Competition, held by a local farmer's market. Produce Parade is a racing game where our racers are vegetables. Take special care of your produce pal and grow them into a top-tier racer!

  • Enter your produce in races to earn CroptoCurrency
  • Buy treats to boost your veggie-baby's stats
  • Earn seeds and watch your seedlings grow
  • Watch as your army of produce expands

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    wasd and mouse :)


    ▸ Josie Dresel
    Project Lead, UI and Gameplay Design

    ▸ Parker Nelson 
    Scrum Master, Documentation, and QA

    ▸ Mariel Gale ◂ 
    Level Designer

    ▸ Logan Hemingway ◂
    Level Designer and QA


    ▸ Joseph Huskey
    Programming Lead, Gardening, and Character Select

    ▸ Jarod Huber ◂
    Racing and UI programmer


    ▸ Tyrell Wilder ◂ 
    Art Lead, Hard Surface Modeling, Rigging, and Texture Artist

    ▸ Andre Ferrez 
    Texture Artist, Environment Artist, 3D Modeling and Rigging Artist.

    ▸ Megan Abelita
    Character Designer and 2D Artist

    ▸ Sierra Fuell ◂ 
    Character Designer, 3D Character Modeling, 2D Art, and Animator


    ProduceParadeFinal.zip 640 MB

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    Well built game ng

    Everyone is so awesome! great job. Love that Tyrell guy

    Woah this is the best game :O