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Cul De Punch is a sandbox-style game, the goal is constant destruction and punching Cleatus in his very soft face. Unfortunately, his trailer park home is a bunker and requires the strongest type of material you can absorb to knock down his doomsday bunker door, diamonds. 

Work your way up the material scale to eventually achieve fists of diamond to exact your revenge. Run amok through your suburban neighborhood to find what you need before you lose interest in your goal! 

The controls for this absolutely punchtastic game are W, D, S, A, for directional movement. The camera and the punching are controlled by using the mouse and left-clicking respectively. To pause the game simply press escape.

The Team

Game Designers:

Vonn Safford - UI, Audio, Scripting, Documentation, Dialogue.

Jorian Peterson- Design Lead, Level Design, Cutscenes, Sky Boxing, General Polishing.

Gideon Addai- UI, Scripting, Documentation, Rendering .

Alejandro Maciel- Level Design, Audio Scripting, Audio Design.

Game Art:

Walker Johnson- Asset Creation, Animation, Rigging, UI, Audio.

Thomas Ives- Lead/ Product Owner, Asset Creation, Character Model Creation, Task Management, UI.

Rowan Nord- Lead Artist, Environmental Assets, Lighting.

Shanrae Powell- Modeling of Player, Retopo of the Player Model, Texturing of the Player Model.


Caleb McCombs- Lead Programmer, Scripting, UI. 

Audio that was sampled in the making of our game, all credits to the original artists:

Jewel sound by Robinhood76 under non-commercial attribution 3.0. https://freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/sounds/346404/
Wood sound by gronnie under attribution 3.0. https://freesound.org/people/gronnie/sounds/563175/
Metal creek sound by TheSoundCatcher under attribution 3.0. https://freesound.org/people/TheSoundcatcher/sounds/144912/

Q&A Review: https://forms.gle/jqr9GnvxWn4BNb5A7


CulDePunch1.0.zip 135 MB
CulDePunch1.1.zip 135 MB


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