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Controls: W A S D to move, Q to switch weapons, R to reload, Space to jump, Shift to sprint, CTRL to crouch, space to jump, E to pick up weapons and money bags, as well as talk. please use Arrow key and enter to navigate dialogue.

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The Team:


Dylan Rosier: UI Designer and SCRUM Master. Designed the UI and made the Font used in Shots n' Shots. Ran SCRUM every morning and organized the Backlog as well as each Sprint using Hack n' Plan

Jayden Rieck:  Product Owner and designer, I ran executive syncs between discipline leads as well as assisted with asset implementation and subsequent playtesting. 

Xavier Toney: Game Designer specializing in level and narrative design.

Mike Diston: Level Designer and Sound designer for Shots and Shots. Assisted with UI, and coding with visual scripting. 


Sterling Bigler: Environment and asset designer. Creator of the buildings, the terrain, and almost all of the items, outside of the gun and bullets, in Shots n' Shots. Texture artist of the posters inside the bank, the clock, and bar chair.

Cameron Soto: Rigger responsible for the rigs of the characters you see in Shots'n'Shots.

Jack Twardowski: Character Artist
Im just a simple artist doing what they do and having fun while doing it. My goal to become a professional Character Artist.

Chris Deloucas: Lead Artist and texture artist. I led the artists of Team Dino. I created some assets and most textures. It was fun.

Our Programmer: 

Josie DeRosier: Sole programmer, responsible for all C# scripting, and for AI navigation and awareness raycasting. Assisted with Unity UI and providing game objects with scripts and in-scene components.

Our Faculty advisor:

Terry Nguyen: Teaching is an exciting opportunity to build up the students around you today to become your peers in the industry tomorrow.

I am always grateful for the chance to share the joys and pains of game development (and VFX!) with everyone at AIE. ;)


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