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Centuries ago, the world was abundant with all-knowing beasts who ruled over the regions of life; establishing civilizations trembled under these monsters. As time went on, the beasts had faded, leaving but ruins and legends. Only  small civilizations still practice the ancient ways.

The light of the world is dying;  legend has it that the crystal of life had shattered. However, they're some elders who still believe the beasts still exist and know the knowledge to repair the crystal.

 Deep in the dark and murky swamps,  an explorer in search of  the monsters of great strength. The local villages stop all who seek the knowledge of the great past.

 Armed with a power induced saber forged from the era of the beasts, the only thing standing between the explorer and the shards of the past are the worshipers of the temple and those of reside in it.


  • WASD - Movement

W- Forward
A-   Left
S-   Down
D-  Right

  • Space - Dash
  • Mouse - Camera
  • Left Click - Attack
  • Right Click - Double Attack



Lead Artist:

  • Michael Ha - Tiki enemy model, Environment Lighting/VFX, Alpha Level design        
  • Destiny Aytes - Main character model, Character animations
  • Justin Williams - Main character concept, Armor model, and Textures                         
  • Nathan Reed - Tiki enemy animations, Environment models, Ruins
  • Jenee Creviston - Itch.io page design, Bat enemy concept, model and textures


Lead Programmer:

  • Gavin Coffelt - Main character controls, Audio integration, Animation integration
  • Ryan Healy - Enemy AI, UI programming


Lead Designer:

  • Randal Murray - Producer, Sound designer, Level coordinator
  • Aaron "Ronnie" Jones - Hack n' plan coordinator, Particle

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FRFRFinalBuild.zip 134 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file

2. Right click on the folder and extract all

3. Launch  "Swamp Raider"

4. Enjoy!

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