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Set City: Ryder is an endless runner following Jonas Thatcher, a man who lost everything in the takeover of his city. Yinset, a futuristic society mirroring ours today, Is at war with a tech company who is taking over.

The game takes place in the 26th century; by this point the earth is nearly depleted of her natural resources and what little is left is being hoarded by large corporate conglomerates among them is CryptiCorp a tech company that set up in Yinset several years ago and in the recent decade strengthened their grip on the city. the government has been losing control and regulations are routinely ignored. it’s up to the resistance to free the city. 


 Enjoy tight action in this endless runner which gets more and more difficult as time goes on, hit ramps and flip through the air to dodge obstacles and spikes dropped by crypticorp drones. Don’t let them catch you or they’ll discover the resistance!


Used for basic movement

Space Bar: 

press to jump

W and S: 

while in the air these cause your bike to flip.


aim by moving the mouse and shoot the flying drones with left click.


Designers: Jorden Dobson,  Aaron "Ronnie" Jones

Artists: Kit Krepel, Jaycee Isenhart, Lake Wilson 

programmers: Gavin Coffelt, Nathan Knebusch


Build.zip 139 MB


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Gavin Coffelt FTW! That’s my mans.