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A puzzle stealth game where you plan the heist of the century in 1920's New York. You play as spunky young thief Oliver “Silver” Fox, who by day gathers information about the Marquis Museum of History, and by night goes and steals the museum's most valuable artifact. Using his skills of investigation, conversation, and stealth, Fox will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Caleb McCombs - Programmer

Josie DeRosier - Programmer

Gideon Addai - Level and Sound Designer

Jacob Norris - System, Sound, and Dialogue Designer

Logan Hemingway - Product Owner, Lighting, and Level Designer

Bridget Faris - Animator and Texture Artist

Tyrell Wilder - Environmental, Texture and Hard Surface Artist

Jack Twardowski - 2D/3D, Character, Graphic, and Lead Artist

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StatusIn development
Release date Jul 09, 2022
AuthorAIE Seattle
TagsAnime, Singleplayer, Stealth, Third Person
Average sessionA few minutes


InTheNightBuild3.3.zip 859 MB


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nice game


Y'all should spice up your itch.io page, maybe some screenshots.


Outdoor space is huuuge: should be a tenth the size. It's a many second run to the fountain, and then many more back to the museum. Other buildings are waaaay far away.

Museum building looks great from the outside.

Guard took forever to notice me. I had to chase him down and forcibly stay in front of him to get him to notice me.