Use WASD to move around the rink

Move the camera around with the mouse.

E to start mini-game

ICE CLEANING: W to move forward, and D to rotate. S to reverse.

GOALIE: Move the mouse and click on the circles before they disappear

SKATING: You'll keep going forward! Use A and D to move left and right

SLAPSHOT: Aim with the MOUSE, click the MOUSE BUTTON to charge a shot. Use W and S to keep the power inline. Release the MOUSE BUTTON before the Slap bar hits red.



Ryan Millen – Ice resurfacing, Goalie and UI and Bug fixes 

Ethan Sewall - Slap shot, Speed skating


Justin Willow – Character and textures   

Abi Reichelderfer – Environment, Concept art and 2D art  

Adam Edmonds – Animations, Modeling, and UI  

Ethan Taylor – Animations and Character rig 


Cooper Brann – Goalie, writer, and science facts  

Walker McGraw – Ice resurfacing, sound and science facts  

Spencer Hawes – Speed skating  

Jeff Prime – Slap shot and writer 


Ryan Millen – Programming lead  

Justin Willow – Art lead  

Spencer Hawes – Associate Producer  

Jeff Prime – Producer 

Special Thanks 

Misty Loreen for her guidance and help laying the foundation for this game. 

Doris Donley from Blind Hockey USA for providing insight and information about blind hockey. 

Please visit to learn more. 

This game was developed by AIE students to promote the Pacific Science Center’s Hockey Exhibition that will open from October 2021 – February 2022. The intellectual property (specifically, colors and logo) of Pacific Science Center (PacSci) is used by AIE with permission for the specific purpose of game design and promotion. Views expressed within the game are those of the creators and PacSci disclaims any and all liability associated with the content therein.

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AuthorsAIE Seattle, Spencer_Hawes, pjeff7, MarBear64, Gocoa, EthanSewall, Ryantheinventor, wlliow, EthanTaylo, AbiReich
Made withUnity
Tags3D, hockey, minigames
Average sessionA few minutes


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Neat educational game! The mini-games were fun and the additional information about the sport was nice. It’s nice there’s some replayability with the ranks as well. Overall, a cool experience!

This is really awesome well thought and well-made game, really well done! Though the controls and the feel of the game could be improved but undoubtedly a good take! Everything seems great and the mini-games are quite fun to play.