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Earn your keep! Use a energy pistol to defend your caravan from oncoming raiders.

Its a lawless world, and in such a place people like you can find employment in many ways. In this case, you are a hired gunman, tasked with protecting a caravan carrying valuable resources from one city to the next. Unable to stray from the vehicle, you must stay on board and shoot any who would get close. Armed with a revolver and with the vehicle in motion, you need to aim true and take down the enemies to earn your keep.

To play, all you need to do is point and click with the controller to shoot at oncoming enemies. As you do so, you will earn points that will contribute to your score at the end. Consecutive shots build up a multiplier that increases your point value, however missing a shot will cause the multiplier to reset to zero. At the end of the game your score will be placed on a board with other mercenaries, showing your worth to fellow hire guns. 

Xbox Supported

Created alongside other games for AIE Minor production of 2020.


A collaborative effort made from across the classes, students work together to create a video-game as their final for the first year. The games design, art, and systems are all created by the students and pitched to the school faculty as a production piece. From there, they proceed into the industry pipeline consisting of pre-production, development, play-testing, and finally release.


-Randal Murray
-Tyrese Buckhanon



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