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After the world fell into discord, the flames of war brewed. Desolation fell on every person involved and those who were not, including the planet. There was no victor, only a few spiritual survivors, radiation left over from the weapons, and surviving wildlife remained. The radiation changed plant life and nature blossomed very quickly, but at a cost. Plant life became parasites, corrupting wildlife and keeping them alive eternally and mutating them into monsters.  

Those that came before you created a gate to hold souls and use their power to scrub the world of man's radioactive mistake. You play as the last Druid with soul collecting abilities. Hence the common name for your kind: Reaper. It is up to you to fight your way through these corrupted creatures, harvest their souls to empower yourself, and restore the gate to a new world. 

This game was produced during Academy of Interactive Entertainments minor production we had 10 weeks to work in a simulated game studio environment working together to finish a refined game with a small scope.



ActionXbox controllerPlayStation controllerKeyboard and mouse
MovementRight stickRight stickWASD 
LookLeft stickLeft stickMouse
DodgeA buttonX buttonSpacebar
InteractX buttonSquare button
Switch WeaponD-pad up and downD-pad up and down
Attackright triggerR1 buttonLeft mouse button
Crossbow lock onLeft triggerL1 button





Aidan Neumann - Producer  

Robert Mckee - Content Designer  



Grant Rhoades - Lead Programmer

Erik Praitis - AI, Optimization

Will Benham - Skill Tree, UI Programming, Weapons, Audio Manager



Justin Ward-Kizanis - Lead Artist, Environment art, Safe zone, Menu UI

Luke Madle- Sound Effects, Cabins, Props, Environment Art, Pause UI  

Jake Unabia - Character, Weapons, Rigging, Animation, Music

Andrei Hadley- RadHawk, Environment Art, Particles, Lighting, Animation

Madeline Chadwick - Character, HUD, Environment art, Props  

Max Birkeland - Bear, Environment art, Animation, Props

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ReaperVer2.zip 343 MB

Install instructions

Install instructions

  • Download zip in totality
  •  unzip to desired location 
  • run .exe file to play
  • you must have all files in the zip


V RHproto1.1 Initial Prototype of Reaper's Harvest

V ReapersHarvestAlpha01 - Feature complete very buggy alpha

V ReapersHarvestAlpha02 - Slightly less buggy alpha

V ReapersHarvestVer002 - Day One Release

Development log


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good prototype