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Detox is a third person RPG headed by an apothecary fairy trying to cure her home forest of a toxic corruption.


A toxic smog has engulfed Maliya's home forest. As the only medical fairy in the village, it is up to her to use her magic powers to rid her neighbors of the corruption that is consuming them. However, not only has the fog taken her ability to fly, it is even dissolving her wings! Once her wings have completely disappeared, she will lose the strength to move on. She is able to restore them through crafting potions, but only if she has access to her workstation. 

Note about this game

This was a major production cycle project for 2nd years at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, this project was completed in a matter of 10 weeks, and as of now is released on such a deadline. At this time the project is not being continued, but may be in the future. Thank you for taking the time to play -Team Red-ish


Detox 6-26-2020 v4.zip 71 MB


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Would love to see a second level!