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"This randomly generated shooter is an action/horror where you must fix your crashed fishing boat on a dangerous and mysterious alien island.”


This is a school project for AIE 2022 Minor Production.

Link to Playtest Survey: https://forms.gle/s6UXQeyrSczUoYFw6

Team Danger Deer!

  • River Martin
  • Adeline Nicholson
  • Jeff Simon 
  • Jack Murray
  • Nicole Alvarez
  • Meladie Scroggs
  • Ryan Ditzler 
  • Amorena Nobile 
  • Jasper Conley



  • WASD - Movement
  • SPACE - Melee
  • Right Click - Charge Shot
  • Left Click - Normal Shot
  • Shift - Dash
  • E - Interact


Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsAIE Seattle, JasperConley
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Roguelike, Story Rich


EarthWreckedV1.7.zip 286 MB

Install instructions

To  play,  download the most recent ZIP folder. Once downloaded, extract the folder and you will see the contents of the game. Once visible, click the executable file called 'DangerDeer'

Thank you for Playing!


V1.0 - Prototype (Most features and assets implemented.)

V1.1 - Spawning and Generation Improvements. Assets and Textures Added.

V1.2 - Shooting and AI Improvements. Animations and Assets Added.

V1.3 - Alpha Dev Test (Over hauled and feature complete.)

V1.4 - Alpha Release for Presentation.

V1.5 - Beta Dev Test.

V1.6 - Beta Release for Presentation.

V1.7 - Project Complete

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