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Cursebound is a Rogue-Lite adventure that has you spelunking through the underground ruins of a cursed civilization! Meet other Bound, delve deeper with each death, crush your enemies, and escape this wretched dungeon.

How to play:

Players can upgrade their own stats through the leveling stone next to the pit in the overworld. Killing enemies gives players XP to eventually level up their stats in the overworld.

Inside the dungeon levels, players will find:

Enchantment stations: pick a weapon or armor enchantment to give yourself a unique buff

Chests: open any chests you find to gain a new weapon or set of armor

Weapon upgrade stations: if you cannot find a rare weapon, you can upgrade your current weapon at any of these stations.


WASD movement

Mouse rotation

Left-click to attack

Hold left click for heavy attack

Press f to interact

V to roll

Right mouse button to block

ESC to pause

Please also make sure to fill out our testing form after playing the game!



Curseboundv1.02 449 MB
Curseboundv1.01(Deprecated) 408 MB
Curseboundv1.0(Deprecated) 408 MB


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