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Come visit the beautiful town of Bloomhaven! You'll find our fields are gorgeous and our windmills tall. Our barns and houses are populous and vibrant! Smack dab in the middle of nature, the town has the best that our great Mother has to offer! Visit today! Leave a review with the form below: Post your thoughts to the board!

The Great Bloomhaven could not have became the beautiful town it is now without these amazing contributing members of this fantastic society!

Our Mayors, ensuring the design of the town to be everlasting! 

Max Vanover - Michael Kennish Jr. 

The Architects which Bloomhaven could not have been without! 

Edgar Gunther - Jaegar White

And our Bloomhaven could never have become so lush without our great citizens! 

Rexy Shaw - Lin Burgner - Jaden Posada - Bella Westrom - Connor Nolan

Max Vanover - Designer/Product Manager

Responsible for ensuring the team's mental well being, along with working with unity for pickups, placing assets, and creating screens. They also handled the map layout and terrain creation. As well as designing the enemy systems. 

Edgar Gunther - Programmer

Responsible for the UI, crafting and weapons systems. 

Jaeger White - Programmer

Responsible for the enemy and spawning systems. 

Jaden Posada - Artist/Lead

Responsible for ensuring open communication along with working with unity. They also handled the map layout and terrain creation, while creating assets such as; the deer, trees, dead log, two of the houses, raccoon, corn and grass, wood resource, scarecrow, chimneys, windmills, the claw and the trainyard tower as well. 

Linsay Burgner - Artist/Lead x 

Responsible for ensuring tasks were assigned brought to completion, scheduling, the narrative being written, ensuring organization along with the following assets; in terms of UI; fonts, menu options sliders, cover work, screen covers, inventory UI and the map item. 3D Assets including; bush, train cars, one of the houses, dog, wolf, fox, metal resource, cane, bow, dog houses, chest, shelving, rag resource, Tutty character model, dog houses, rocks, one of the trees, one of the bushes, and bottles. 

Bella Westrom - Artist 

Responsible for implementing assets, creating gorgeous concept work and creating numerous assets such as; the bear, houses, gravestones, the bloom spawners, barns, mushrooms, the church, white tree, the chainsaw weaponry, gates, statue, fountains, animating the player character model, decorative vines, one of the trees, carriage, bush and wooden fence. 

Connor Nolan - Artist

Responsible for the following assets; the lantern, campfire, signs, railroads, one mushroom type, the player character model, graves, and playtesting. 

Rexy Shaw - Artist

Responsible for the following assets; car, car parts, bins, crowbar, boxes, handgun, shot gun, wood stacks, knife, crates along with the following UI elements; health bar, paper and buttons.

Michael Kennish Jr - Designer

Responsible for sounds, constructing the narrative, note rough drafts, and a whole lot of great bug testing!


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