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The technological advance of human civilization has come to halt. Crimson Sap has infected the trees, creating armies to stop humanity. Follow Vera, a world-renowned botanist, as she pierces her way through an ever-evolving landscape, fighting augmented plants and animals the world thought extinct. 

Use the gardening equipment you've salvaged, and dive into an everchanging maze of destroyed city blocks and crimson foliage. Defeat the Crimson Colossus to uncover more mysteries and possibly stop this threat. Can Vera find the root of the corruption before her world is destroyed? 

Presented to you by

Ryan Millen ▹ Programmer     

Sierra Fuell ▹Modeler and Texture Artist ▸   

Abi  ReichelderferEnvironmental, Technical Artist and Animation ▸   

Megan AbelitaModeler and 2D Artist ▸     

Spencer HawesSystems and Level Designer ▸  

Alejandro MacielAudio, Narrative and Level Designer ▸  

Jeff PrimeProducer ▸   

Killers by Kevin MacLeod

Please take a moment to tell us what you think of our Beta build. Any feedback provided will help in the development of Artemis Reigns.

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Artemis Reigns 1 GB
Version 9 Jul 08, 2022


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Your game page is incredible. Art and design knocked it out of the park! Great job you guys.

Wow this game is. so cool. :D