A downloadable game for Windows

Shakti Unleashed is a fast-paced endless running shooter where you play a deity escaping a city in the clouds.

In Shakti Unleashed, the player will be flying at great speeds while navigating the endless procedurally generated environment around them. It will involve both maneuvering around obstacles as well as firing spells at enemies. 

The player must concentrate on maintaining a fast pace while also focusing on accuracy and maneuverability. Over the course of the game, the difficulty of the obstacles and enemies will increase so that the player will eventually fail, and have to start a new run. 

ALARIC TREVERS               Producer, Particle Effects
ALEXI MOST                          Player Controller, Environment Interaction
CARTER PATTERSON      Camera Controller, Gameplay
JOSHUA YANG                     Procedural Generation
AUDREY MEYER                 Character Rigging and Animation
HAYDEN NICHOLS            Environment Art, Character Art and Animation
PETER NEILL                          Character Art, UI Design, Skybox, Sound

Minimum specs:

-OS: Windows 7

-Processor: Intel Core i3-6100

-Memory: 4 GB RAM

-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

-DirectX: Version 11

-Storage: 1 GB

Note: Currently an XBox controller is required to play this game

Install instructions

This project will be in a .ZIP file, make sure to extract and then click on the .exe


Shakti Unleashed.zip 123 MB