A downloadable game for Windows

You are Baldwin, an up-and coming warrior that must conquer the looming fortress that's corrupting the town's farmland!

Fight in turn-based battles to fulfill your destiny and become the hero the world needs!

Evan Johnson - Product Owner, Level Designer, Scrum Master, 
Assistant Programmer
Connie Torres - Co-Producer, Narrative Designer, Sound Designer
Jayden Rieck - Co-Producer, Systems Design, Level Design
Ben Ellis - Character Artist, Weapon/Armor Artist
Cris Riley - Environment Artist, Prop Artist
Sterling Bigler - Environment Artist,  Prop Artist
Andre Ferrez - Concept Artist, General Artist, Character Artist
Ethan Sewall - Programmer 

This game was created by Year 2 students as their Major Production project at AIE Seattle. The game is fully finished and may receive future updates.

Feedback Form:  https://forms.gle/c6fokgTGhKx9F3hL6


Darkness of Anima Final Build.zip

Development log